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Richard Huish L8518 Face The Membership Challenge

The candidate, Stephen Pike, being congratulated by Peter Prior-Sankey (and photobombed by the SD!)

After several years with no candidates, Richard Huish Lodge was able to initiate Bro Lee in May 2022 and then Bro Bryan in September 2022. Then suddenly they had three candidates to follow them! Their regular meetings are February and April, and the Lodge was able to squeeze an Emergency Meeting into the busy Taunton Masonic Hall calendar in January 2024.

The Lodge invites guests, of course – but they invite them to bring along “their own” new initiates to watch the ceremony. The aim is two-fold: to open up the world of visiting to new Masons, members, and to give those new members a chance to see what on earth happened at their initiation! So it was in January that the Lodge was hoping to have 10 Apprentices coming along, from Fidelity & Sincerity L1966, Unanimity & Sincerity L261 and Parrett & Axe L814. In the end, only 6 were able to come along to watch Mr Steve Pike turn into Brother Steve Pike. F&S especially came mob-handed, with social media stars Chris Waterhouse, Duncan Sully-Dunbar and Simon Gamlin also joining in. 49 attendees (couldn’t quite hit the magic 50) were present to watch WM Peter Prior-Sankey and his officers deliver an excellent ceremony.

The visiting Entered Apprentices from Fidelity & Sincerity L1966, Wellington.

Everybody present, Entered Apprentice through to Grand Officer, enjoyed the ceremony and the subsequent festive board was a happy experience for all, with an excellent rendition of the Entered Apprentice song. All present especially applauded Bro Steve’s entertaining (and brief!) response to his toast!

So Richard Huish Lodge is now readying for the Membership Challenge Visit in November 2024, with a candidate for February and a candidate for April. The pair will take membership upto 30, some way off the past 40 strong number, but a step in the right direction with a possible one or two more candidates on the horizon.

(With thanks to Chris Waterhouse and Neil Hitchcott for permission to use their photos).

Article submitted by Charlie Barker – Richard Huish 8518 Secretary

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