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So, How Will, Should, Could, Would, You Prepare For The Master’s Chair?

To be elected and Installed as Worshipful Master of a Lodge is undoubtedly an honour conferred and, as such, should be ultimately enjoyed wholeheartedly by the recipient and members of the Lodge, alike.

That said, the office of Master still requires an amount of considered hard work, once achieved, which is at least equal to that necessary in gaining the approbation of the Lodge members who granted it.

An early understanding of the role is therefore essential if an aspiring new Master is to hit-the-ground-running, thus assuring his aforementioned enjoyment of the role in conjunction with the successful promotion and increased usefulness of his Lodge.

A schedule of ‘Progression to the Master’s Chair’ seminars is currently underway to ensure that an essential early understanding of the role can be accessed by all those who aspire to the office.

The latest of these seminars was held on Wednesday 7th Feb, at Keynsham Masonic Hall, whereupon 40 aspiring Masters were welcomed by PGM. Ray Guthrie, who also used the opportunity to reinforce the importance of our collective success in implementing the Membership Challenge, and the ongoing responsibility that rests with current and future Masters in Office in that regard.

APGM Designate, Russ Woodland, together with Provincial Membership Officer, Barrie Palmer, delivered the remainder of the presentation which was very well received and which led to a very constructive Q&A session to finish.

Numerous topics were covered, some of which might have seemed rather obvious at first but, when expanded upon and discussed, took on a newly considered importance for the aspiring Masters and their increased understanding of the role.

Lively discussion continued afterwards whilst a very tasty buffet was enjoyed by all.

Further seminars will be arranged at various locations around Somerset and will be advertised in the Newsletter and on this website. Watch this space and book your place!

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