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Portcullis Lodge conduct a Passing and receive a special guest.

Portcullis were very pleased to welcome the PGM Ray Guthrie who made a private visit to the Hanging Chapel on Thursday 11th January.  Ray came to support our WM Denis Paull in what was his last Ceremony before handing over the Gavel to John Nicholas, who became the Master Elect that night.  The evening started on sad note by Denis announcing the passing to the Grand Lodge above of Stanley Hopkins the PPGM.  Denis recalled some fond memories of Stanley who was often at the Hanging Chapel as he was a member of the Somerset Farmers Lodge.  Ray also spoke of his contribution to Freemasonry and will be sorely missed.

Marcus Patten who was a late stand in candidate answered the proof of proficiency in a splendid manner and was passed in the usual fine style by the officers of Portcullis.  The highlight of the ceremony was Steve McNaughton’s superb explanation of the Tracing Board. The PGM then presented a GLC to Rob Bullock and explained the potential next step of the Royal Arch.  The Brethren then retired to enjoy a splendid Festive Board which was enjoyed my the many visitors and members.  The raffle raised £180 which will go into the charity coffers.

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