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Former GB Equestrian Initiated at Athelstan

At their first meeting of the New Year Athelstan Lodge initiated Jai Bratton who is an ex team GB Equestrian, The members of the Lodge worked hard to make sure Jai’s night was a memorable one, and using the rare Taylors workings it certainly was!

L-R J SouthwoodJD , D Bomford- Glaysher SW, J Bratton, A Brown WM and N Sheldon JW

The Lodge also welcomed members of Temple Lodge from Bristol on the occasion of their fraternal visit, which has been happening for 30 years!

Due tot he recent passing of Colin Henderson there was no organist in attendance, however this was overcome by not singing the traditional EA song, instead an old tradition was resurrected and the “Masonic Circle was formed with an excellent rendition of ritual was performed by Simon Carrier ADC.

Athelstan Lodge is one of only a few Lodges that use the Taylors workings, which if you have not witnessed it is always worth a visit to Weston s Mare to see it.

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