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Busy Time Before Christmas for Portcullis

Portcullis Lodge have been out in the communities of Langport and Curry Rivel this year by supporting the Local Food Banks with both donations of food and other essentials by the Charity Steward Steve McNaughton and his assistant Mike Norton/Elf who has been at the Food bank packing up the Christmas boxes for those that need it most.

The Master of Portcullis Denis and his wife Sandra have also been busy.  Sandra knitted a quite superb Nativity scene and Denis made the stable, a raffle was then held which raised over £250 which was donated to the local youth club.

In other Masonic news Portcullis held their traditional initiation ceremony for their Christmas meeting with Marcus Pattern becoming the 547th member of the Lodge. Marcus proved to be an excellent candidate and enjoyed the ceremony very much and even paid a visit to Vivary Lodge in Taunton the very next day.  The stand out piece of ritual was by Dom Smyth Riberio who performed the Charge in NE corner for the first time in splendid fashion.  The raffle at the after meeting dinner, thanks to some very generous donations raised £330 and in particular fantastic whisky donations by Mike Laird.

One of the many trollies of goodies requested by Langport Cares

Knitted Nativity Scene by Sandra Paull

Grant Peckham JD, Marcus Pattern, Mike Norton SD

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