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Is this the face of Santa?

Brother Jeff has often been mistaken for Santa but the real Santa on this occasion is Brother Adam:

This Christmas he is asking for help to collect second hand (or even new) children’s toys:

He will then pack them all in Christmas bags and on Christmas Eve distribute them to the Royal United Hospital in Bath and the Children’s hospital in Bristol.

These toys will then be given to the children by the nurses, or kept aside for use in the playrooms within the children’s wards.

Santa Adam explains, “the whole idea is that Children who are unfortunate to spend Christmas in hospital, will receive an unexpected present, which will hopefully bring a smile on their face.

The reason for collecting second hand toys and in relatively good condition, is to also give an example to children, and their parents who donate them, the act of sharing”. 

He would appreciate any support, maybe a small toy, a cuddly toy, a puzzle or a book; anything pre-loved and surplus to requirements.

Some people may not believe that Santa Claus is real but perhaps he is a part of us all, particularly at this time of year.

If you can help, please email Adam at:


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