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Honorary Membership awarded to Worshipful Brother Glynn Hickman.

Unfortunately, Glynn has been diagnosed with an illness that no longer allows him to participate in Freemasonry and as such he was visited at his home on Friday by our secretary Neil Hurcum where he was presented with his honorary membership certificate.

Here is what Neil had to say about the visit.

Brethren, it was an utter joy to spend an hour or so with Glynn today sharing a cuppa, and meeting some of his family. Glynn was looking good, making the most of now. He has had the garage converted to be able to play darts with his brother and even venturing with him to the Consti though now he is a Guinness not a Beer drinker ! With all of his issues and outcomes I haven’t met a person , so far in life, who is meeting them head-on, yes trips to Iceland and New Zealand have been binned , but one to Bovington Tank Museum is on the cards as Glynn wants to buy a tank ! ..not a real one as he wants to fix it on the wall!

Glynn was delighted to receive his Honorary Membership as the attached picture shows and is looking forward to celebrating his Mum’s birthday next week and his son’s later in the month.

He is still keeping tabs on the Lodge through the emails, so send him a message – he would be delighted.

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