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What is a Freemason?

People often think one has to be invited to become a Mason; this is not True! Freemasonry never recruits, only attract and we only accept those who join entirely of their own free will. We are also an all inclusive fraternity.

We do however have a few requirements:

  • Must be a male 18 years or older, or a female 18 or over should they wish to become a lady Mason.
  • Believe in a Supreme Being.
  • Be of good repute.
  • Share a genuine interest in improving yourself and helping others.

There is a process to becoming a Mason, one that builds over time to complete the three degrees and earn the title of Master Mason. These steps will build a better pathway to join our Lodges and has been proven over millennia.

There has been much bad press and misinformation regarding Freemasonry, as well as groups claiming to be Masons, that are not affiliated or true Freemasons. If you would like to know more please use the contact form on this website.

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