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New Master at the Helm at Lodge Marine

At their recent meeting Lodge Marine installed their new Master Chris Harris into the chair in fine fashion, assisted by the Installing Master John Harmshaw and the rest of the Brethren, with the Prov JGW Ian Evans and Prov DC Garry Sharp representing the Province

Chris holding the Ivory Gavel of Lodge Marine.

The ceremony was conducted well with good humour, the highlights being the Working Tools presented by all “Light Blues”, Alan Woodbridge, Steve Holden and in particular the newest member of the Lodge Ben Preston. Mike Barfoot-Franks delivered the Hallstone Jewel and the Ships Compass, the working tool of Lodge Marine. The Addresses were also presented extremely well, in particular Dave Reids address to the Brethren. (Apparently the address by the PJGW wasn’t too bad either!)

The day was topped off with the usual excellent catering at Nailsea Masonic Hall, accompanied by some excellent singing by Dave Reid. The raffle had one of the guests, Bro Easy from the Forest of Mendip Lodge, winning two prizes, then to cap it all a bottle of Scotch in the Heads and tails competition! Although Easy was a little late, much to the annoyance (in good humour) of Garry Sharp who is also a member at FoM.

Rob Hughes rang the bell (in the middle of the above picture) at every half hour as is the tradition at Marine.

Ben Preston and George Waggett two of the newest members of Marine cleaning the brass prior to the meeting.

Lodge Marine No.232 is one of the oldest Lodges, originally formed in Calcutta India in 1776, before moving to England in 1975, (first Portishead until it found its new home in Nailsea). It meets four times a year on a Saturday, it is well worth a visit to this historic Lodge.

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