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Lodge of Honour Back with a Bang of the Gavel

Despite the lingering warmth of summer in the autumn air, the rhythm of Masonic traditions pressed forward. After their summer break, Lodge of Honour held a poignant Ceremony of Passing.

They inaugurated the Masonic season at the October Regular Meeting, passing one of their Entered Apprentices to the rank of Fellowcraft, in a moving Second Degree ceremony. Amid these celebrations, they took a sombre moment to remember a dear Brother who transitioned to the Grand Lodge above earlier this year.

In a special highlight, they welcomed their Fraternal Visitors from the Lodge of Brotherly Love in Yeovil. Led by their Worshipful Master, the delegation comprised distinguished brethren, including a Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, several Worshipful Brothers, and two Master Masons: who, prior to the main meeting had enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Bath Masonic Hall, AKA The Old Theatre Royal and visited the Edward Gayner Masonic Museum, where they discovered the unique Masonic exposition and rich history of Freemasonry in Bath.

The Ceremony was made even more memorable with the contributions of guests from various lodges, including an ex-member from Chaloner Lodge, the Worshipful Master from Royal Sussex Lodge, and the Worshipful Master from The Royal Cumberland Lodge.

Their own Worshipful Master, ably assisted by his Senior and Junior Warden, Secretary, Junior Deacon, Assistant Director of Ceremonies, and Tyler, orchestrated a vibrant ceremony. The candidate certainly excelled, and later, their Junior Deacon provided an eloquent explanation of the Tracing Board. This evocative moment with members joining the newly-minted Fellowcraft on the floor, a segment that garnered much appreciation.

Post-ceremony, the evening’s camaraderie flowed seamlessly into the Festive Board. Guests and members delighted in a delectable main course, culminating in the Worshipful Master’s renowned cheese platter. The atmosphere brimmed with joy and laughter, marking both the dawn of a new season and the presence of their esteemed visitors.

They extended their heartfelt gratitude to their Fraternal Visitors from the Lodge of Brotherly Love and look forward to reciprocating the visit.

Further anticipation building for their November gathering, where they will be nominating a new cadre of officers in preparation for the Installation Meeting in December. The prospect exhilarating for members in progressive offices. Moreover, they eagerly await the return of a Past Master to the chair and fervently prepare for their Bi-Centenary in just over 16 months.

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