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A Brotherly gesture

On a night filled with tradition, camaraderie, and fraternal friendship, Elizabethan Lodge kicked off their new Masonic year, with Worshipful Master Paul Mallon presiding over his final regular meeting, at the conclusion of his third (and, allegedly, final!) tenure in the chair.

A special moment, endorsed by the Provincial Executive, occurred at the outset as Brother Andy Grimes was offered the gavel to perform the opening of the lodge, a rare and meaningful honour usually reserved for an Installed Master.

This gesture was a testament to the bond of brotherhood within the lodge, and to the respect the Lodge Members have for Brother Andy, who is an exemplary and committed Mason, having lived and breathed the Craft with enthusiasm and dedication since the day he was initiated.

The evening’s ceremony unfolded with a Second Degree and ‘Past Masters Ceremony’ to boot. The lodge’s regular officers stepped aside for the evening to make way for some of the Past Masters of Elizabethan Lodge, including Worshipful Brother Richard Ferris, who assumed the role of Worshipful Master. The subsequent ‘Passing’ of Brother Mark Curley, to the esteemed degree of a Fellowcraft, was performed with skill and gravitas, and thoroughly enjoyed by the candidate and spectators alike.

Following the ceremony, the festive board was a customarily lively, well-attended Elizabethan affair. Worshipful Brother Julian May delivered an exemplary, punchline-filled toast to the visitors, with the response delivered in kind by regular visitor and friend-of-the-Elizabethan-family, Worshipful Brother Martin Yates, of Lodge of Agriculture No.1199. The resultant raffle, orchestrated as ever by Brother Scott ‘The Beard’ Brimson, combined with collected alms, raised £200 for charity.

In summary, the assembled Brethren and visitors enjoyed a brilliant evening, that sets a positive tone for the start of the new Masonic year. The lodge now looks forward to the Installation of a new Worshipful Master, at their next regular meeting in November.

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