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The Calderley Chapter of Union & Savage Club Chapter Ritual.

The Calderley Chapter of Union’s which is the Grand Superintendent’s discussion Chapter met at Wedmore on Thursday 21st September, as the CLO for 261. It was also great to have the Chapter full to capacity. After the Chapter was opened MEZ, E.Comp Chris Summers installed the officers who were not able to attend the installation meeting The Grand Superintendent, E.Comp Ray Guthrie, was proffered the sceptre and the Provincial Team took their places and performed a demonstration of the Savage Club Chapter Exaltation ceremony.

A lot of the duplication contained in most Royal Arch ceremonies has been removed, it makes the ceremony easier for the candidate to understand and enjoy. The candidate did not leave the Chapter room at any point and the Sojourners were not invested and other pieces were shortened. The Grand Superintendent said he wasn’t asking to adopt this working, they were welcome to if they wished to do so. But he went on to add that all Chapter’s should take a look at the ceremonies we perform in our and look for ways to improve the experience for our candidates.

There is a proposal to form a new day light Chapter that will be looking to adopt the savage ritual. If any Companion is interested in becoming a Founder or joining member please contact E Comp Bob Moore bob.themoores@gmail.com for more details.

At the Festive Board the MEGS spoke of us all needing to reengage with members in Somerset who are not subscribing members of Chapters and the need to spread the world to Master Masons who were not yet in Chapter.

News story submitted by Companion Mike Norton Calderley Liaison Officer, Chapter of Sincerity No 261

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