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Lodge of St George visit Somersetshire Lodge to conduct a Raising.

Lodge of St George who usually meet in Taunton decided that they would like to have one of their members, John Wrelton, Raised at Somersetshire Lodge, who meet at Mark Masons Hall in London.

The current Master of Somersetshire Lodge is our very own Provincial Communications Officer Andy Baird and the DC is none other than the APGM Tony Guthrie and the Senior Warden is Garry Sharp the PGDC, so everyone was expecting a high quality ceremony.

Andy Baird Looking resplendent with his Hall Stone Jewell

They did not disappoint, although one of the guests was a little shocked when 10 minutes before the meeting he was asked to be the IPM. As it was the current PrJGW Ian Evans he of course stepped up to the job. In fact Ian enjoyed this day so much, he will be joining the Lodge, as he was proposed on the day.

John was an excellent candidate with several members of the Lodge of St George Taking part in the ceremony, all performing extremely well. Steve Thraxton the Asst Almoner for Somerset and member of Lodge of St George said, “it was a real honour to have John Raised by Somersetshire Lodge, as John has been my best friend for many years”. It was also Steve who Initiated him last year.

Centre L-R Andy Baird, John Wrelton, Steve Thraxton and members of Somerstshire Lodge and The Lodge of St George

The ceremony was topped off with the superb carvery at Mark Masons Hall, with everybody eating their fill of Beef Sirloin and Gammon Ham, with all the usual accompaniments.

Somersetshire Lodge has great links to Somerset, they are an extremely friendly and welcoming group of Masons, who are always looking out for new members from Somerset, so if you have not been, or would like to know more please contact their secretary Gerry Chilcott at gerry@iqdigitalhouse.com

View from the dining room at Mark Masons Hall.

There is also the annual visit by the active Somerset Provincial Team to Somersetshire Lodge in March 2024.

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