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Lodge of Agriculture Conduct a 2nd Degree

Monday the 18th of September saw the resumption of the Masonic Season at the Lodge of Agriculture. WM Dave Wyatt and his team conducted a great 2nd degree ceremony for the candidate Bro Joe Williams, who it should be noted had such a sore throat he could only talk in a whisper in the ceremony, but he persevered all the way through. Downstairs at the festive board all the members and visitors had a great meal and the wine flowed freely. The raffle and heads and tails proceeds this month were given to Fishing for Heroes, a charity which ‘Provides fully funded fishing courses as part of a package for Veterans, and active Servicemen and Women who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, combat fatigue and other emotional and psychological problems related to their involvement on active service’. Bro Pete Lygo, a visiting Brother from Pegasus Forces Lodge who is actively involved with Fishing For Heroes briefly explained how the charity operates and how it helps those they are called upon to help and afterwards presented a plaque from the charity to the WM with grateful thanks for the Lodge’s support. A great evening was had by all and we are all looking forward to another 2nd degree ceremony in October. 

For more information regarding the Fishing For Heroes click HERE .

Bro Pete Lygo presenting the Plaque to WM Dave Wyatt
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