I'm a Mason and Proud

Ian Evans – PJGW and Newsletters editor

I joined my mother Lodge, Rural Philanthropic in Burnham on Sea in May 2006, after I was proposed by my Father in Law, Rex Davey, and seconded by the Lodge secretary (Brian Kenna), as I didn’t know anyone in Burnham who was a Mason, although I did know a few in Weston s Mare.

When I got engaged to my wife some 28 years ago, Rex said to me, “let me know if you want to become a Mason and I will propose you”, I wasn’t quite ready then, but a few years later I read the Da Vinci Code, which piqued my interest in Freemasonry, as I have always been interested in history and I like to know the “real” version of events.

When I was initiated like everyone it was an interesting and special event, made even more so by the attendance of several friends and colleagues who attended – unbeknownst to me were Masons!

I must admit, I did not really enjoy my first few months as a Mason, due to the Lodge at that time being very “traditional” with quite a few senior or elder members, who did not really talk to me and I was looked down upon as an EA. I was also made a Steward very quickly, so was expected to prepare the drinks at the FB with the other Steward (Peter G) who joined the month before me. In fact we were so fed up that both of us discussed resigning, as we were not enjoying it at all. We decided to stay on for a little longer to see what would happen, glad we did.

In the following Autumn of 2007, everything changed, a new Lodge Secretary took over and a new Preceptor at the Lodge of Instruction, suddenly everyone talked to us and we began to feel accepted into the Lodge, so we stayed, both of us following each other through the Lodge Officers and Master of the Lodge (Peter in 2014 me in 2015), before both becoming Provincial Stewards, Peter in 2019 and me in 2020. In fact by pure Luck at the AGM, Peter collected me to get my collar from the PGM, a wonderful moment for both of us.

The Crazy Gang.

During my year as Steward I had a brilliant time and met some really fantastic people, who have become dear friends, and will be so for life. I became Secretary of my Lodge of Instruction in 2016, then in 2017 I was asked if I would take over as the Secretary, which I did saying I would do it my way, with humour and making sure that no new member would ever be made to feel the same way as I was, all those years ago.

After my year as Steward I was asked if I could help out Ray Guthrie editing the Midweek Mason, which I did and from March 2022 I have been the editor of the Newsletter and created the North East Corner in 2023, to promote the Charity News that we do in the Province.

I really do enjoy Masonry and am very proud to say I am a Freemason, so far I have been a Mark Master Mason (but due to work constraints had to give it up, I will be back one day soon though), I am a Royal Arch Mason, I’m in Knights Templar, have been the MWS of Rose Croix (now in my second year) and two years as SR in OS. I am also a member of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge and the Millennium Chapter of Rose Croix.

The biggest, yet proudest moment so far, was when I was asked to be the Provincial Junior Grand Warden this year by Ray, it was also a shock I must say! However the team this year are great and we already have had some wonderful moments, awarding three Centenary Warrants and conducting a Raising Ceremony. I have also given the address to the new Master (5 days after becoming Junior Warden!) I would also say if you are offered a Provincial active role, take it, as I have enjoyed every minute, you will see many different ceremonies and meet some great people.

I get asked fairly often “what do I get out of Masonry?”, to which I always reply, “it’s not so much as what I get out of it, it’s the fact that if a Mason asks, How are you? They are genuinely asking how you are, and if a Mason says can I help you? It is genuine offer of help.” Some of the many reasons why I am a Mason and Proud!

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