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A truly magnificent night of Freemasonry

Gordano Lodge recently held a fantastic Initiation Ceremony for a wonderful young man and now Brother Jamie Flynn.

The ceremony was expertly led by the very experienced Worshipful Master Paul Hinkley, who set the bar very high indeed; a bar each and every one of his officers attained to put on a truly wonderful ceremony.

The DC led the floor masterfully and the Deacons guided the candidate wonderfully.

Special mention to Fellowcraft Stephen Ellis for a cracking job on the first degree tools, his first time on the floor, also not forgetting Dave Trotter (Woodspring Lodge) our guest Senior Warden, for his rendition of the charge, a truly passionate and theatrical rendition enjoyed by all, both receiving a rapturous applause from the brethren.

Philip Du Camp and Peter Harris also delivered some wonderful ritual.

Many men of rank and opulence were there, as well as brethren from other provinces who wanted to see Brother Jamie Flynn’s ceremony.

A fraternal visit from our awesome Somerset light blues club, The Adair Club, attended too; “light blues” from all over the province flocked on mass to support a new brother coming in, the Chairman Mike Norton was there leading The Adair Flag as well as our secretary Craig Harding and many other Adair Area Reps and members, Brother Mike Norton standing up at the festive board giving a passionate speech on freemasonry in general and our awesome Adair Club, The Somerset Light Blues.

The festive board or after meeting as it’s known, was so jolly and inspiring, the masonic chain and apprentice song was done with real passion and sincerity; one that will live in the candidate’s heart forever.

The fine food, wine and company was exemplary.

The raffle and heads-and-tails raised some much-needed funds which were donated to the Somerset Branch of The Masonic Fishing Charity by The WM Paul Hinkley to the branch chairman Rob Collins at the festive board.

If you want to know more about this charity, click on the link: http://www.mtsfc.org.uk

A truly magnificent night of Freemasonry and Camaraderie was had by all, nobody wanted this wonderful night at Gordano Lodge to be over: there is always a warm and fun welcome at this brilliant Masonic Lodge.

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