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Woodspring 8791 Visit Parsifal Lodge 5655 Twickenham

On Friday 5th May 2023 WM Geoff Mackett accompanied by WB Dave Trotter visited PARSIFAL Lodge Twickenham , SW London. On this evening that Lodge were installing a new master. The purpose of the visit was to attend a meeting and return some documents to that Lodge that had been recovered by Dave Trotter. 
The facts surrounding this are that in the winter of 2022 some documents were recovered in possession of a lady in Nailsea and were of a Masonic nature. She had then made contact with the Nailsea Masonic Centre, who in turn contacted the secretary of Woodspring lodge Malcolm Behling.
The paper work appeared to belonged to the late WB Tony Price (Woodspring) who had passed to the grand lodge above some years ago.
Dave picked up the paper work form the lady  concerned and saw documents that related to Parsifal lodge and were dating back to 1937 and the consecration of this particular lodge.
It included original documents, invitations  & dining lists relating to the Piccadilly hotel in London,  including entertainers for the event dating back to the 24/4/1937. Also Jewell’s dating back in time to that period.
Enquiries were made as to how Tony Price would have collected these, and where he got them from, and the provenance of them,  but sadly no one had any ideas. 
Liaisons took place between Dave and the secretary of Parsifal  (WB Derek Partridge who has been secretary of this lodge for over 30 years !) and an invite was sent to DT to return these documents to the lodge.
WM Geoff Mackett and Dave Trotter from Woodspring duly obliged and presented them to the lodge on the third rising.
The documents will be recorded and logged by the secretary and will likely be displayed in one of the display cabinets within the centre.
A pleasant evening was enjoyed by Geoff and Dave and the 2 hour drive each way was well worth the trip.
It was ironic that Parsifal was consecrated around the time of the abdication of king Edward VIII and it was not lost that these documents were returned on the weekend of the Coronation King Charles III.
Attached photograph shows the temple Twickenham, WB Geoff Mackett left, WB Malcolm McNeil-Chatwynne Master Parsifal & WB Dave Trotter.
It is now hoped that members of Parsifal lodge will be carrying out a return visit in the autumn.

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