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A Busy Night at Rural Philanthropic Lodge

On Friday 5th May, RPL 291 had a busy and brilliant evening, with a 50 year Long service award being presented to Keith Fisher, a superb Passing ceremony and a Fraternal Visit from Admiral Blake Lodge.

Ray detailing the long and active career of Keith
Ray Guthrie, Keith and and Keiths son Matthew- wearing Keiths apron he wore after his raising 49 years ago.

Keith is a Master Baker running the very successful Curtis’ Bakers until he retired. He has had many roles over the years including being the Provincial Grand Chaplain for 4 years. It was an excellent evening made even more so by having his son Matthew there, wearing Keiths old Apron. From everyone at 291 and the Province of Somerset congratulations Keith!

L-R Mike David, Warren Beavis, Will Human, Malcolm Price

Warren Beavis after his passing, in what was a superb ceremony, with everyone on top form, including Warren who was an excellent candidate and was word perfect with his answers. Warren was introduced to the Lodge by the Province, he has fitted in perfectly and will be an excellent Mason.

The Master of Admiral Blake, Andrew wood with the Master of RPL Will Human and the brethren from Admiral Blake

Ten members of Admiral Blake returned the Fraternal Visit RPL 291, made to them back in December last year, they didn’t quite drink the bar dry, but had a good go! We look forward to visiting you again next December, with the added challenge of beating last years bar takings.

With over 52 brethren and guests attending the meeting, it truly was a great night, with a great atmosphere, followed by a lovely meal with good company and plenty of laughs.

Due to the success of the Lodge they are adding an extra meeting on June 9th, if anyone is interested in attending another Passing ceremony, please contact the Lodge Secretary at rplsec@gmail.com

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