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Wraxall Lodge donate £500 to Tackle – The National Association of Prostate Cancer Support Groups

Tackle Prostate Cancer (The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Group) are a central charity representing and supporting over 90 local support groups around the country, to help tackle prostate cancer in ways that are best for patients, their carers and friends.

Our local support group is Prospect – the Bristol and District Prostate Cancer support group. They meet monthly for coffee mornings at the Penny Brohn centre in Ham Green, Somerset and at the Macmillan Wellbeing centre in Southmead Hospital, Bristol. These meetings are run as a “drop in” for men who have been diagnosed, have been or are undergoing treatment, or for those whio have questions about Prostate Cancer and want to chat in an informal setting with others. They also hold evening meetings most months at the Bristol Aerospace Welfare Association (BAWA) Centre in Filton with guest speakers and a free buffet. 

Wraxall Lodge members having heard what Prospect do and how they had supported one of their brethren through his prostate cancer journey and were very happy to support their work with a £500 donation. Prospect though suggested the donation was made to Tackle as they support Prospect financially when required on top of member subscriptions.

Mark Wilcox, Wraxall Lodge Charity Steward attended the Prospect BAWA meeting on 25th April and said a few words to members about the donation. The photo below is Mark with Tim Bond, Chairman of Prospect and the letter of thanks from Tackle:  

Andrew Moffatt, Tackle fundraising manager said “Thank you once again for nominating Tackle to receive a donation of £500 from Wraxall Lodge. As you know, Tackle is a small organisation, aiming to reach as many people affected by prostate cancer as we can. As such this donation will go a long way in helping to provide vital support to our amazing volunteer peer to peer support groups across the UK, ensuring as many people as possible can connect with others and find the information and help they need”.

If you would like to find out more about this organisation follow the links below.

www.tackleprostate.org www.prostatecancerbristol.org.uk

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