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From Romania to Taunton Deane Lodge via the Provincial Website.

On Thursday 6th April, Andy Williams, had the pleasure of welcoming and initiating Alexandru Tertelici, Alex to his friends, into the Taunton Deane Lodge. Having had a long time interest in freemasonry for all that stands for. Alex made enquiries about joining via the Provincial website, and joined the members of Taunton Deane on a couple of occasions during their regular curry nights, where there was unanimous support for his membership.

Alex was born and raised in Romania. He is passionate about cooking, having worked in a family business in Romania before moving to the UK about 15 years ago. Today Alex is a qualified joiner, working at Hinkley Point, is married to Titania and lives in Taunton.

As usual the ceremony was shared by many of the brethren, all in excellent fashion, but particular mention must be made of the delivery of the Charge after Initiation, by the Lodge’s Junior Warden Nick Judd.

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