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Gordano Lodge Welcomes Bro Stephen Ellis

At the last regular meeting held on Monday 27th March we held yet another first degree ceremony. This was number 3 of 8 candidates we have planned, the evening was brilliantly lead by our WM W.Bro Paul Hinkley who set a high bar and all of the officers all stepped up to the mark and produced a very entertaining and enjoyable first degree ceremony for our now Bro Stephen Ellis.

Our new Brother with the WM

The festive board was excellent with great food and wine, wonderful speeches and toasts in good company.

Bro Lee Crago of Wraxall Lodge 9011 from the Nailsea Temple here in the province of Somerset, who gave the response to the visitors toast, as this was his first visit after becoming a Freemason only 3 weeks ago he done an excellent job. We would like to thank all our visitors you made this evening special.

Bro Lee responding to the visitors Toast

The raffle raised some much needed funds for local charities, Bro Rob Collins donated one of his books for a heads and tails, Bro Rob only won his own prize, Rob graciously gave the book to his fellow Brother.

The winner of the Rob Collins Cook Book being presented by Rob

Gordano Lodge will be doing a fantastic third degree next month, All visitors will be warmly welcomed please contact our secretary gordano.lodge@gmail.com

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