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Nyanza Lodge Are Nicely Cushioned

For many years Nyanza Lodge 1197, who meet in Ilminster have had a lovely cushion on which to display the Volume of the Sacred Law but unfortunately old age had taken its toll on it. So Nyanza Lodge members Roy Harkness and Chris Cornelius took it upon themselves to replace the old cushion and presented Nyanza Lodge with a splendid new one. They are pictured above, having presented the lodge with the new cushion and Nyanza Lodge is very grateful for their generous gift.

Nyanza is one of two craft lodges that meet in Ilminster; it was established in 1867 and named after Lake Victoria Nyanza in Africa, in honour of a local man Captain J H Speke, who had discovered the source of the River Nile.

Article by: Mike Stephenson – Nyanza Lodge Comms Officer

Posted by: Ed Richings – ACO (SW) 

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