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Bro David is Passed at The Forest of Mendip

At the last regular meeting held at the forest of Mendip on Friday 17th March Bro David was passed to the Degree of a fellow Craft, WM Ian along with all his officers conducted an excellent ceremony. Bro David was excellent in his answers to the questions, and Bro Duke managed an excellent rendition of the working tools, also an excellent Nugget from Solomon from which everyone present was given a daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge. We would like to thank our Visitors for making this meeting a memorable one for Bro David.

We would like to remind everyone that our Ladies evening is planned for Saturday 13th May at the Mendip Springs Golf & Country Club Seats are going quick so if you would like to come along please get in touch with our secretary.

To our next merry meeting..

Bro David with the WM Ian and the officers with JP photo bombing in the background..
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