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Keeping it in the Family at Coleridge Lodge

This month’s merry meeting of Coleridge Lodge No. 1750 here in the Province of Somerset saw the raising of Bro. Michael Hutchings to the degree of a Master Mason. The WM and his officers conducted a superb ceremony. With several Officers taking part, many assisting the WM from other Lodges, we’re sure it made a lasting impression on the candidate. Coleridge is the oldest Lodge that meets in the Clevedon Temple and we hope Bro. Michael enjoys becoming part of that rich Masonic heritage within the Temple.

Pictured below from L/R are all those who took part in this evening’s ceremony;

W. Bro. Sam Weaver, W. Bro David Bussell, W. Bro Liam Broad, Bro Steve Hutchings (Candidates Father), Bro Michael Hutchings (Candidate), W Master Peter Niccol, W. Bro Bill Howard, W. Bro Richard Reeve, VW. Bro John Bennett.

A Fine Body of Men

WM Peter Niccol of Coleridge Lodge will be hosting a Gala Dinner evening on Saturday 15th April 2023 together with his wife, Rose. The Gala is open to all Masons and their family and friends. Details can be obtained from the Lodge Secretary, John Bennett by emailing dolphinscastlewood@hotmail.co.uk

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