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Wraxall Welcomes Brother Lee

At the last regular meeting held on Friday 3rd March Wraxall welcomed Mr Lee Crago to the lodge. The ceremony was first class with the WM W.Bro Tom Francis setting a high standard with a faultless obligation given to the candidate. The JD Bro Mark Knight was also very engaged as Lee was proposed by Mark and it made it fitting that he was the pillar of support throughout the evening.

The evening was supported with 17 visitors from various Lodges and in the true spirit of freemasonry we had the pleasure to Welcome Bro Edgell who was only Initiated into his mother lodge 2 weeks prior and came along to see what was going on, he was accompanied with his Father pictured below with our now Bro Crago, we hope they will both form a friendship and continue to visit and support each other through their Masonic career.

Andrew and Jack Edgell with Lee
Two new Brothers Supporting each other

After the meeting we all met for a superb meal catered for by Sam and her team, Bro Crago was welcomed further with the Entered Apprentice Song where he did in fact Apron put on and make himself one. After the meal in the bar the Wraxall Pirates welcomed Lee to the club, For those who do not know the Pirates are Lodge members who have agreed to support each other through Progression and also to visit other lodges this is in the true spirit of masonry.

The members also supported the Carry The Can Campaign where a Brother can bring a can or packet of food which is then collected and taken to the local foodbanks an initiative thought up by W.Bro Steve Chapman which has been introduced throughout the North West Region.

We would like to say a huge thankyou to all our guests who made this evening a great success and we hope to see you all again for a warm Wraxall welcome.

The Wraxall Pirates
Jack and Andrew Edgell with Rob Collins Snr and Jnr
Brothers in arms
W.Bro Steve Showing of his survival Kit he claimed in the raffle
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