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50 Year Certificate for W Bro Colin Henderson

W Bro Lyn Weedon (Brother in Law), W Bro Nathan Henderson, W Bro Colin Henderson, W Bro Nathan Henderson and Assistant PGM W Bro Richard Winter

At the last King Alfred meeting W Bro Richard Winter presented W Bro Colin Henderson with his 50th year certificate.

Colin’s professional life saw him work as an antiques restorer and then an upholsterer, and this skill Colin has used on many occasions, carrying out work in the Weston Temple. Colin’s other hobby has been restoring vintage cars and he still owns a 1912 Austin heavy 12. He is very much one of the leading body work restorers for the Salmson car, a French car that competed, and won, at Le Mans in the 1920s.

However, his main hobby is playing the piano and organ, where he started playing professional engagements aged 17, and could be seen performing at many local venues. His skills have blessed many lodge meetings for nearly 50 years, and we all know how vital an organist is to our ceremonies.  

Colin was initiated into King Alfred Lodge in February 1973, after having to wait for 5 years to apply for membership and another year before being initiated. Colin served as Worshipful Master of King Alfred Lodge in 1987/88, and he has held a number of Masonic appointments and in 1917 he was appointed Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

He has been elected an Honorary Member in 4 Lodges: Estune, Showman’s Guild, Winscombe (Lodge erased) and Sir Isaac Newton Lodges, all in the role of Honorary Organist. He still regularly plays the organ at Estune, Showman’s Guild, Sir Isaac Newton & Southey Lodges and of course his mother lodge King Alfred..

Colin is a 6th generation Freemason. His ancestors were originally Freemasons in Scotland; his grandfather was a Mason in Durham and his father was a member of King Alfred Lodge. His sons, Nathan & Jonathan, are 7th Generation Masons here in King Alfred Lodge.

Colin has a keen interest in the Showman’s Guild Lodge as members of the Henderson family were Showman. He was introduced into Showman’s by W Bro John Smith at their first regular meeting after the Lodge was consecrated. He played the organ at that meeting and is still playing it, after 33 years. He is proud to say that he has held an office in 48 of his years in Masonry, a truly magnificent achievement.

Colin’s two Sons, Nathan and Johnathan, both past Masters of King Alfred lodge were present to see him receive his very deserved award.

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