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Alan stays in the Chair at Tynte

On Thursday 16th February Alan Chambers was reinstalled as Master of Tynte Lodge, in what was possibly the shortest ever ceremony, (One hour and 5 minutes start to finish) due to many of the officers staying in their respective roles and the efficiency of the Master, DC and the other officers of the Lodge.

The night was made more special by the presentation of a Past Masters Jewel from one of the Founders of Tynte Lodge and its Primus Master Joseph Richardson in 1965.

The Jewel was found in an antique shop in London and the secretary of the Lodge Chris Marchmont, was given first refusal, and purchased the Jewel straight away. Chris then had it cleaned and added to a Collarette, so it can be worn by the Master and passed on to future Masters of Tynte Lodge.

Ben then provided the story of Joseph Richardson and its next owner George Wilson before it disappeared then being found in the shop in London. Ben was accompanied by Barry McCormack as his DC as well the two new designated Wardens from April, Colin Martin and Ian Evans as well as Guy Adams a Grand Officer and the Provincial Registrar.

The evening was finished off with a lovely meal and the traditional singing to the visitors and absent brethren.

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