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Somerset Fairway and Guernsey united

L to R Tony De Garis, Tony Veillard, Matt Polson, Steve Edwards,  Derek Baudins, Mike Le Conte, Steve Byrne and Nigel Chescoe
On Wednesday 2nd November 2022. Worshipful Brother Steve Edwards was Installed into the chair of King Solomon at Somerset Fairway Lodge 9251 at Yatton Masonic Hall. It was with much pleasure for Steve that he was installed as WM at Yatton, where he had joined Masonry in 2007 with the Lodge of Agriculture, 1199 and been WM in 2016. 
Steve, who now lives in Guernsey and is ADC at the Channel Islands Oldest Lodge, Mariners 168, was honoured to be accompanied by seven Guernsey Masons who had made the trip to see his Installation. Originally the group had been travelling by ferry with the intention of getting some golf in as well but storms in the English Channel meant that their ferries were cancelled resulting in last minute rearrangements to get flights over in time. A great evening was had by all, especially at the Festive Board and Steve is grateful to all the Fairway Brethren for making his Guernsey friends feel so welcome.
Staying locally, the group spent the following day visiting Bath before travelling to Bristol Masonic Temple to join Lodge of Unity for their Installation Meeting. A very enjoyable evening was had by all with a fascinating Bristol Workings of the Installation Ceremony followed by a superb Festive Board.
The Guernsey brethren were very grateful for the hospitality received at both Yatton and Bristol and are already making arrangements for return trips to Somerset, Bristol and Bath in 2023, whilst Steve is committed to returning for each of Somerset Fairways four meetings

Members of Somerset Fairway Lodge with the Guernsey Freemasons as well as the Bristol of Unity. Christopher Budd, Michael Short and Jonathan Davies

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