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A Sad day at St Kenya Lodge

9th January 2023 was a very sad day for everyone at St Kenya Lodge #1833, as they decided to hand back their warrant.

The Lodge was consecrated in 1879 and up until fairly recently had been thriving, with over 50 members just over 20 years ago, however due to dwindling numbers the Lodge took the difficult to decision to close the Lodge for the last time.

Despite the solemnity and sadness of the occasion, all of the members of the Lodge, as well as visitors and members of the Provincial team, ably led by The APGM, Tony Guthrie, were able to to enjoy one last meeting on each others company.

During his closing oration Tony was very keen to point out to the Brethren of St Kenya, just how much the Lodge had contributed to Freemasonry in Keynsham, giving rise to four other Craft Lodges, which still meet at the hall, not forgetting that St Kenya was largely responsible for the creation of the Masonic Hall itself some 75 years ago.

The majority of the Brethren will join the Vale of Brislington Lodge, further strengthening that Lodge, and the Master of that Lodge, Paul Stubbs, was also present taking the role as Senior Warden for the evening.

Given the circumstances an enjoyable, but emotional evening and despite St Kenya disbanding, their memory will live on, in both their daughter Lodges and indeed the building itself.

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