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Three years in a row for Anthony at Sir Thomas de Cheddre

At the meeting of Thomas de Cheddre Lodge back in October, Anthony Chapman was installed as the WM for the third year in a row, he said practice makes perfect!

Richard Winter the APGM was there with Russ Woodland as his DC to make sure everything was done in order and the brethren and guests of the Lodge were looked after very well.

At their most recent meeting the brethren of TdC received a talk from Maria, an ex-service Psychologist on PTSD and the thirteen different causes of it, and showed a frightening clip of US servicemen after landing on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

Sir Thomas de Cheddre Lodge meets in Wedmore, it is a small and very friendly lodge who has suffered more than others in recent years, with 6 members passing to the Grand Lodge above. If you would like more information on joining or visiting the lodge, please contact the secretary Stephen Fry (no not that one).

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