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Pilgrims Lodge help local Charity with a Buzz!

Freemasons get asked interesting requests for charitable help, but none more so that a request for Beekeeping Suits and Gauntlets from local Charity, Hidden Valley Bushcraft , who provide rehabilitation courses for veterans of the Armed Forces in the Chew Valley area, through their website.

The WM Mick Wright and the members of Pilgrims Lodge #772 in Glastonbury contributed £300 to them via a Charitable Raffle at a recent dinner function, which will provide two protective suits, plus gauntlets, to keep the veterans safe whilst tensing to the bees and gathering honey as part of the bushcraft courses.

Ex Royal Marine Nick Goldsmith and his wife Louise do wonderful work on their small holding near Winford and at other woodland sites across the Mendips, which helps veterans with PTSD and other traumas adapt back into everyday life. Mick and his wife Tracey, as well as all the Brethren of Pilgrims Lodge were only too glad to help support this very worthy cause.

The Beehive has long been associated with Freemasonry to symbolise the industriousness of the Lodge

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