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Ashdown Lodge from Berkshire visit Bath’s Old Theatre Royal

The Old Theatre Royal, aka Bath’s Masonic Hall, welcomed a group from Ashdown Lodge No. 8592 from the Province of Berkshire.  In total, 15 Freemasons, and two initiates.

Shown here with their Master taking centre-stage in the big chair.

The tour guides, Vincent and Trevor, gave an excellent account of the history of the building from its inception as a theatre (the first Theatre Royal outside of London), a Roman Catholic chapel, through to its current life as a Masonic Hall.  The party was shown the spectacular Temple itself (originally the theatre’s auditorium), a small chapel “back-stage” used by Christian orders, and the museum in the basement burial vaults.  Bath’s Masonic history was described, with Bath being a very early centre for Freemasonry; the first lodge meeting held at The Queen’s Head in July 1724.

The group then retired for post-tour refreshments at one of Bath’s many hostelries, before catching the train home.

Bath’s Old Theatre Royal runs regular tours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11am and 2.30pm, and on Saturday at 2.30pm.  Also, they are always happy to host special tours for groups of Masons and non-Masons alike.  For details see https://oldtheatreroyal.com/museum/guided-tours/

or follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (call-sign :  @oldtheatreroyal) 

To book a special group tour, e-mail enquiries@oldtheatreroyal.com  

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