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Almoners Workshops

Somerset Lodge Almoners attended two workshops recently that were held in Bridgwater and Keynsham Masonic Halls, the first opportunity since the pandemic for our Almoners to hold face to face workshop meetings, to be updated on recent and important changes within the Almoners role. 

The Provincial Almoner, Adrian Robson welcomed 65 Lodge Almoners and our Visiting Volunteers who were provided with some excellent and practical advice to those both new to the role and those more experienced. Presentations were given from Emma Rider (Advice and Support Team Officer) and Mike Martin (Provincial Engagement Manager) both from the Masonic Charitable Foundation who were able to answer many questions relating to the important and diverse role of the Lodge Almoner. 

Further presentations were also provided by the Provincial Grand Almoner on GDPR, Barrie Palmer (Provincial Membership Officer) John Winston and Val Cooke (Somerset Masonic Friendship Association) and Steve Thraxton (Assistant PGA – Mobility Equipment) 

In his closing remarks, Adrian thanked all the guest speakers for their assistance, the Lodge Almoners and Visiting Volunteers for attending the workshops and for their continued dedication to this important office.

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