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Redfield Road Wives Group receive a presentation.

On the evening of Wednesday 12th October 40 members of the Redfield Rd Wives group attended Midsomer Norton’s Masonic centre (there they meet regularly) to receive a talk on the history of Freemasonry, along with the charitable work and the history of Connaught Lodge, in particular. The talk was given by W.Bros Tony Cooper, Chris James and Jerry Hann.

The presentation was aimed at dispelling the myths about Freemasonry and how it developed over time, as well as explaining terms such as Freemason, why they are called Lodges and how it is NOT a secret society. The details of the building of the Hall in 1912 and who were the founding members, several of which the ladies knew of.

Following the talks they were invited into the Temple where the Masonic furniture and accessories were explained (without giving too much away). Margaret Crane the President of the RRWG, thanked the speakers saying that they had a most enjoyable evening and everyone found it most interesting.

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