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Assistant Grand Master at home with his Brothers

Brothers Dinos, David and Kam

At the last Lodge Meeting, the Assistant Grand Master, David Medlock was greeted warmly by his fellow members and after due pomp and ceremony, immediately put to work! Presenting our newest joining member, Brother Doogie, with his Grand Lodge Certificate and welcoming him into the Lodge.

Following the theme that everyone has a part to play, Doogie went on to deliver an exemplary piece of Ritual and gave the Visitors’ Toast at the Festive Board afterwards.

Doogie was Initiated into Canute Lodge, Southend-on-Sea, in January 2016, and Passed in January 2017. He was Raised on their behalf by St Alphege Lodge in March 2022 and is a very welcome addition to the Lodge.

As are our two new Fellowcrafts, Brothers Dinos and Kam, who were Passed that evening and affectionately congratulated by the AGM and other members of the Lodge.

Brother Dinos, an undergraduate at the University of Bath is from Cyprus and Brother Kam, a Post Grad Student also at the University of Bath, is originally from Lebanon.

St Alphege Lodge is most fortunate to have a broad diversity of members and very proud to include the AGM, as one of their own.

It is not the first time the Lodge has been privileged to receive a visit from an Assistant Grand Master, having received David’s two predecessors in November 2011 and April 2016 respectively.

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