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Benevolence Turns Brass Into Gold!

Back in 2018, the Brethren of Benevolent Lodge No 446 made an investment of £600 that turned out to be a very wise one indeed……………..

Somerset sports charity, TS5C (Team Somerset 500 Club), was initially set up in 2007 to support young athletes in Somerset who had the potential, but lacked the money or facilities, to represent Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics.

Unlike similar organisations in the country, TS5C was not funded directly by Government or Local Authorities, but instead relied completely on the generosity of local businesses and individuals.

It is during the early days of their sports careers that funding is so important for those talented and aspiring athletes. Being able to meet the cost of access to expert coaching, specialist equipment and attending competitions is essential if a young person is to achieve their full potential.

2018. TS5C Chairman, Alan Gloak and Brodie accept the donation from Benevolent Lodge

One such young talented athlete in 2018 was 19 year old, Brodie Williams, a swimmer from Street.

Brodie was selected to represent GB in the 2017 World Junior Championships in Indianapolis and won the British 200m Backstroke title in March 2018. He also represented GB at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Wind the clock forwards a few years to 2022’s Commonwealth Games, recently held in Birmingham, Brodie, now 23 years old, won Gold in the 200m backstroke, Gold in the 4 x 100m medley and also Silver in the 100m backstroke.

The additional funding that he received from TS5C proved crucial to his achievements.

Benevolent Lodge’s 2018 donation supported the sports charity which was instrumental in assisting Brodie’s efforts, and those of other Somerset athletes like him. Talented athletes who are ultimately able to realise their dreams of standing on the winner’s rostrum do so with a great deal of support from many unseen others.

Benevolence takes many forms and, when gratefully received and faithfully applied, can make a significant difference thereafter.

Congratulations to Brodie and those who supported him.

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