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Lodge of Honour Summer BBQ

On June 12th, the bretheren of the Lodge of Honour No 379, held their first of hopefully many Summer Potlucks. All lodge members were invited along with families and friends, plus a few potential members, to enjoy the sun and get together during the summer recess.

Lodge of Honour prides itself on a full Summer Social calendar, with multiple Curry Club visits, our Potluck, and several other events. Their social calendar can been seen here https://www.lodgeofhonour.com/events/category/social/

Taking advantage of the rare and unique ethnic diversity of the Lodge membership, lunch consisted of an array of dishes from all over the world! Malaysian rendang and nasi impit, Pakistani channa and naan, French caponata and baguettes, pulled ox cheeks, coronation chicken, and fried sweet potatoes were just some of the many dishes served. Everyone was very full, and many palettes were broadened that afternoon! 

Special thanks to our senior deacon for lending his marquee, the inner guard for use of his garden, and to everyone who brought such delicious food!

It was a nice sunny day, and a very enjoyable time for all. The families enjoyed getting to know one another, and were able to enjoy a piece of what we are so lucky to share with each other all the time! 

We look forward to getting together as a Lodge at the end of the month for our next Curry Club visit. For more information on our Curry Club, or to learn more about our summer Social Calendar, email our secretary at lodgeofhonourbath@gmail.com

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