Tour De Temples

Mike reporting on day 2

After a few stretches, the Somerset Masonic Cycling Association were off on day 2 of their Charity ‘Tour De Temples’. Today will be from Ilminster, and their route is Chard, Crewkerne, Yeovil, Wincanton, Bruton, Shepton Mallet finishing in Frome!

Tour de Temples stage 2 Illminster to Frome completed and what an adventure we had in the beautiful sunshine. We got lost as a group, we got lost as individuals, we had broken pedals, ( very kindly fixed for free by a Neil at Rule 65 in Wincanton). We did an extra 20 odd miles we climed 4200 feet of elevation. We climed to the top of hills and then had to go back to the bottom😱, and we had the road blocked by cows.

Besides that we had a wonderful day cycling and received a fantastic reception at each lodge we visited today🙏 A massive thanks to all the lodges today for your hospitality the true meaning of Freemasonry👍 To tired to write any more. 🤣

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