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Well, He Didn’t See That Coming!!…………..

A Kiwi Brother now based in Somerset has been Installed into the Chair of New Zealand Lodge in London.

W.Bro Chris Waterhouse of Fidelity and Sincerity Lodge, No 1966, was Installed as Master of New Zealand Lodge, No 5175 at Freemasons’ Hall, London on Friday 8th April.

His guests included VW.Bro Ben Batley, DPGM of Somerset, three members of his own Lodge and four Brethren from Lodge of Science, No 437 at Wincanton.

There was something of a surprise in store for those attending, as Chris was originally looking forward to being invested as the Junior Warden at that meeting, however, a last minute re-organisation meant that Chris was actually Installed as Master, having only been given a few days’ notice!

After the ceremony, a sumptuous festive board was held at the New Zealand High Commission, where a jolly old time was had by all.

The moral of this story is; never again should any of us feel hard-done-by about being asked to respond to the visitors’ toast with virtually no notice………………..!?!?

Posted by Andy Baird. PCO.

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