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Master of King Alfred for a night

Bro Bernie Kew, Snr Deacon, W Bro Andy Clapp, Snr Warden, W Bro Mike Willis, Bro Oliver Backes, W Bro Steve Taylor,
Bro Steve Larkin. Jnr Warden, W Bro Nathan Henderson, acting DC.

W Bro Steve Taylor joined King Alfred lodge No 3169 in December 2003, but he was originally initiated in January 1988 into the Isleworth Lodge, No 5195 in Middlesex, where he was master in this lodge in 1995/96. Not having passed through the Chair in King Alfred, when the opportunity arose he became Master of King Alfred in October 2021.

Having been in the chair of King Alfred for two consecutive years, W Bro Terry Porter would have normally had two past masters nights, but COVID prevented one of these. Terry had offered his second past masters to W Bro Mike Willis who was originally Master of King Alfred back in 1995/96. Mike was initiated into King Alfred in November 1982, and has been preceptor of the King Alfred Lodge of instruction for 18years, where his fellow preceptor at present is W Bro Steve.

Knowing that W Bro Mike would like to take the chair again for a ceremony, W Bro Steve gave Mike this opportunity in the April meeting where he raised Bro Oliver Backes to the third degree.

Bro Oliver is one of those brethren prevented from moving forward in masonry, due to COVID, as he was passed back in February 2020, immediately prior to the Pandemic.

With all his experience, and his work in the Lodge of Instruction for so many years, it was not surprising that W Bro Mike performed an excellent ceremony, to the great benefit of Olly, who was also an excellent candidate.  

Bro Bernie Kew was Senior deacon, and W Bro Nathan Henderson acted as Director of ceremonies for the night, the task normally done by W Bro Mike.

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