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The Vale of Brislington is 152

On Friday 18th March 2022, the Vale of Brislington Lodge No 1296 celebrated it’s sesquicentennial anniversary.

The Vale of Brislington Lodge was consecrated in November 1869, and so reached 150 back in 2019, but celebrations thwarted by Covid were delayed until last Friday.

The evening opened with a welcome to Martin Slocombe, representing David Medlock, the Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, who himself could not attend having contracted Covid, and Richard Lewis, the deputy the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Bristol. Both provinces being well represented as the Vale of Brislington Lodge, although in Somerset, was consecrated by Brethren from Bristol who wanted to open a vacation lodge some reasonable distance from the centre. Also attending was Richard Winter, assistant Provincial Grand Master of Somerset, no less than 3 Past Provincial Grand Masters, namely Stuart Hadler, David Jenkins and Alan Vaughan. The senior and junior wardens from both Bristol and Somerset were also very pleased to attend.

Item 4 on the agenda was to read a letter, written by the Worshipful Master and his wardens in March 1970. This letter has remained sealed for 50 years and sends greetings to the current WM and his team, along with hopes for 2019. A copy of this letter can be seen in the Gallery below.

Visitors and members alike were extremely fortunate to bear witness to what must be described as a flawless 3rd degree ceremony. One person remarked “We may see it equalled, but I doubt we will see it bettered”. Brethren more used to Emulation were especially enthralled to see Bristol working, as this version of the ceremony has certain elements that make it more impactful and dramatic in places. Everyone sends congratulations to Brother Matthews on being raised to the degree of a master mason in such a fine manner.

The festive board, or after meeting as it’s called in Bristol, was a busy, joyful and memorable event, with good food, great company and some very special toasts. Martin Slocombe, thanking Bob Moore for some of his words, having reminisced on the amazing 150 years achievement, then reminded the current members of the lodge that they are now the founders of the next 150. He ended by referring to the Royal Navy advert ” born in Blyth, made in the Royal Navy”, by remarking “The Vale of Brislington Lodge , born in Bristol, made in Somerset”. Richard Lewis cited the strong and beneficial bond that exists between the two provinces, and toasted the lodge, wishing them very well indeed for the future.

The Vale of Brislington Lodge presented each province with a trowel as a lasting reminder of the evening, and which is to be used to continue spread the cement of Brotherly Love and Friendship.

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