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Wessex Lodge No 4093 Centenary Meeting on 25th February 2022

On the 1st June 1920, Wessex Lodge, No 4093, was consecrated with 59 Founder Members, the vast majority of which were already members of the other Two Lodges meeting at the time in Weston, namely St Kew and King Alfred.

Just under 102 years later (Covid eh!), the Brethren of the lodge met to celebrate a remarkable milestone, the centenary of their wonderful lodge. They were amply supported by the Provincial team and a plethora of visitors, including some who had travelled a great distance, from the Isle of Wight.

W Bro Lyn Wheadon Receiving the Centenary Warrant from the PGM

W Bro Lyn Wheadon was Worshipful Master in 2020 when the lodge reached its centenary, and so W Bro Dave Reed, the Wessex Worshipful Master, kindly offered him the chair for the evening. W Bro Lyn did not however spend more than a moment in the chair, before moving over so that the Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, W Bro David Medlock, could preside over the majority of the business.

W Bro Lyn was not able to relax and enjoy the proceedings, as soon after handing the gavel to the PGM, he found himself reading the warrant of the lodge, which is a substantial document written in the very best 1920s rather elaborate and ornate English.

W Bros Ian Woollard and David Gerrey gave truly excellent explanations of the founding and history of the lodge, and the Centenary Warrant was read by the Provincial Secretary, W Bro Mike Greedy.

W Bro Bob Moore, the Provincial chaplain was called upon for some “suitable words”, and in his usual relaxed and stress-free style delivered a very interesting oration. He ended by reminding the brethren of Wessex lodge that as it was for the founders, it was now their particular responsibility to ensure that the lodge goes forward for the next 100 years.

At the Festive board, W Bro Tony Latter, a former member of Wessex lodge replied to the toast to the visitors. Tony was accompanied by several other brethren from the Isle of Wight and gave an excellent response, citing lots of names very familiar to those present

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