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Consecration of Lodge No 10000

February 22nd 2022 was a special day in many regards, especially for some of Somersets Freemasons, who had the privilege to attend the consecration of UGLE Lodge Number 10000. 

The summons for the meeting

“Lodge 10k”, more formally known as Lodge Sine Nomine, is a Special Interest Lodge that is defined as being for and run by younger members. This newest Lodge – with an iconic number – will be run by younger members, who will gradually fill the principal and progressive offices and attract young initiates.
The Consecration was in Freemasons Hall in London, and was attended by nearly 300 Freemasons from the various Provinces and Districts of UGLE around the world. The Consecration team was headed by none other than the MW Bro Peter Lowndes, Pro Grand Master, who lead the team through a flawless and mesmerising ceremony. The consecration ceremony itself is a rare one, but rarer still is it to see it done in such regal settings and to such a degree of perfection. 

W Bro James Long was Installed into the Chair of King Solomon as the Primus Master, and he invested the Lodges first Principle and Junior Officers. An astonishing 88 members were proposed as First Joiners (including 5 Brothers from Somerset!), and it was announced that the lodge would be initiating 7 new members at the next meeting in June. We look forward to attending that event, as it is extremely rare to have such events happen in England! 

Afterwards, there was a drinks social, followed by a marvelous Festive Board in the Vestibule of Freemasons Hall. A grand time was had by all, and it was an amazing opportunity to mix and mingle with brothers from all parts of the nation and of all ranks!
The future of Masonry is looking brighter than ever, and we look forward to representing Somerset Freemasonry in Lodge 10K for many years to come! 

Somerset Lodge 10K members above are: W.Bro Craig Harding, WM of Royal Cumberland Lodge No 41-Bro Shay Aziz, of Lodge of Honour No379. W.Bro Matthew Sharples, IPM Lodge of Honour No 379, Bro Vince Baughan, Royal Cumberland Lodge No 41.

Freemasons Hall Great Queen Street London
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