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Estune Lodge Donates £180 to assist with Young Girls Communication Needs.

Estune Lodge Donated £180 to assist with a young girls communication needs by purchasing some software to be used in conjunction with an eye gaze computer.

This is a little introduction to the young girl:

Hi my name is Amaya I am 6, I have bulbar palsy which effects my muscles. I use a special supportive chair to help me keep a good position and allows me to access work and play. I also use a communication aid to give me a voice and to also to allow me access learning and play through that. I can read books, create my own stories, play games, play musical instruments and listen to music along with accessing work targets. I was very lucky to receive a donation from Somerset freemasons to buy the software to help me communicate and where I can also play a guitar and xylophone and more! Which I really enjoy. I would like to say a big Thankyou for buying me the software!

Amaya’s mum responded to the donation by saying:

Thankyou so much to the Estune lodge for purchasing the software for Amaya, having access to these communication aids and equipment really does make the world of difference for our children. Allowing them to access and take part in day to day things that your typical child does is a beautiful thing to see. The enjoyment in Amaya’s face with the singing birds and playing a tune on the xylophone is really lovely.
Thankyou so much.

A picture of Amaya .

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