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Bro Kia joins King Alfred

W Bro Steve Taylor initiated Bro Kia, in the photo are also W Bro John Cole & W Bro Phil Cotrell

W Bro Steve Taylor, Master of King Alfred lodge No 3169 in Weston, has just initiated his forth entered apprentice in a row, which looks good for the future of the Lodge. The candidate Kia Jayson Aufmkolk was introduced to the lodge by Province.

Kia, who now lives in Weston, with his wife and young child, was born in South Africa, and his family name of Aufmkolk is from ancient German.

Kia has lived in the UK for the last 12 years , but as he says, he has a bit of a colourful past when it comes to his career. He is a paramedic by trade, with a teaching qualification, and since qualifying, has practiced in the UK, South Africa and the Middle East. He served in the RAF as a Medic for 4 and a half years with one operational mobilisation in that time. This ultimately led him to complete his RONIN SA Hostile Environment Close Protection Course, Graduating as a Tier 3 Operator.

He has now gone on to progress into a policing role as an Authorised Firearms Officer, working for the British Nuclear Police force at Hinckley Point. The Master added, that the brethren look forward to all of these new initiates working together to enjoy their progress in masonry.

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