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Devon & Somerset Farmers Chapter

Taunton Masonic Hall was the recent host of those marauding farmers from over the border in the guise of the Devon & Somerset Farmers Chapter who were making their annual visit.

For the many Somerset Companions who supported the Chapter we were royally treated to  a superb Exaltation ceremony carried out by the Chapter Team , MEZ E Comp Chris Grubb , H E Comp Richard Hill and J is our very own Assistant PGM, E Comp Richard Winter and two very competent Sojourners.

Companion Paul Gubb proved an excellent candidate and will be an asset to Royal Arch Masonry.

Comp Paul Gubb, E Comp Richard Hill, E Comp Chris Glubb. E Comp Richard Winter and E Comp Clive Lambert.

To add some pomp to the evening the Chapter was honoured with the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendent in charge , E Comp Clive Lambert , E Comp David Medlock Provincial Grand Master for Somerset and E Comp Philip Voisey Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Master Masons of Somerset, and keeping a careful eye on them all E Comp John Bennett and Stanley Hopkins !

Proving that masonry does cross orders and we are stronger together.

January’s diet went out of the window with a bumper festive board amid lots of chatter, banter and laughter which topped the evening off.

The usual toasts were followed which even included our PGM being presented with a Devon tie who was heard to say (allegedly)  that he felt that on the right ocassion it would the perfect neck attire, …..he just wasn’t too sure what that ocassion would be !

Full of excellent masonry , food and companionship we all left Taunton already looking forward to the next visit.

E Comp Neil Hurcum , E Comp Philip Voisey , Comp Paul Gubb, E Comp David Medlock , E Comp Stanley Hopkins , E Comp Richard Hill, E Comp Chris Glubb, E Comp Clive Lambert  E Comp Richard Winter and E Comp John Bennett.
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