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Staying Together at Frome

Masonry in Frome is very strong with many young brethren changing the way we promote ourselves both as a lodge and in the community the lockdown presented a challenge .

As an example of our Lodge’s strength our Lodge of Instruction sees a regular 20 plus attending with ploughman’s or curry to follow and a very lively bar.

To overcome our current isolation due to the lockdown a What’s App group has been started by the WM of Royal Somerset 973 , John Rawlins. All Frome masons can join and right now we have 35 in the group and it’s still growing.

We are really having a great time with much hilarity and fun, we also have a serious side with some great material from Solomon being posted . We have just finished a poetry competition which was won by Bro Andy Hickling , we have a competition every week.

One member said”” We are talking more since the lockdown and I hope this can continue “

There is no doubt that the benefits which can be achieved from this type of activity can only enhance the Lodge and bring greater awareness and understanding of each other.

If you have not started a social group during these difficult times, why not give it a go ,it just takes one to start the ball rolling.

Stay Safe everyone
Secretary 973

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