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A very busy and highly emotional night at Showmens Lodge

The Showmens lodge meeting on the 20th February 2020 was very busy indeed.

The lodge received their first Ashlar in recognition of their contribution to the 2020 festival, W Bro Shane Danter received a 2020 festival jewel, W Bro Nathan Henderson delivered a truly amazing rendition of the investiture of a lodge organist, while appointing his Dad, W Bro Colin Henderson to this post, and the lodge raised £200 to donate to a great family friend, who will swim 22 miles in Shane’s daughter name for type 1 diabetes research.

Finally, and very emotionally, the lodge was presented with a heart defibrillator in memory of W Bro Thomas Danter, who passed to the grand lodge above in April 2016 at the age of 40. The defibrillator was presented by his dad, Bro Teddy Danter & brother, W Bro Shane Danter on behalf of W Bro Thomas’ mum Jill, who despite being afraid of the water raised the money by a sponsored swim with Dolphins.

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