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Its a Double at Gordano

At the last regular meeting we completed a fantastic double first degree ceremony In front of a full temple, We had the presence of DPGM Ben Batley and a plethora of active Provincial Team members there too who gave a wonderful membership pathway presentation, this was well received and gave some great ideas for our lodge in particular and freemasonry in general.

The Double ceremony was first class, our WM set the bar high and each and every officer raised their game to produce a wonderful ceremony, the candidates were excellent and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of their first masonic meeting.

The Adair Club was present and welcomed our new brother’s into the club, they were further honoured as our DPGM presented them with their Adair club lapel pin.

The festive board was fantastic, the speeches and toasts inspirational, the food and wine was well received, We held a raffle which raised much needed funds for local charities. We would like to tank all our visitors for supporting this meeting and we look forward to seeing you again.

Gordano Lodge where good men meet in harmony and peace happy to be in each others company, this is where you find Freemasonry in the Community in Somerset.

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