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A Call to Action for Fidelity and Sincerity

At a recent meeting of the The Lodge of Fidelity and Sincerity, the members were treated to a presentation by Duncan Sully-Dunbar on the Members’ Pathway and also ways the Lodge can attract new members. He also quoted extracts from the Provincial Grand Masters Speech at the recent AGM. This promoted lively debate on how the lodge can best actively recruit new members. A suggestion was made that they go out in the public and promote the Lodge. This was done at the Wellington Coronation Spring Fair, where members borrowed the Provincial Gazebo and spoke to the general public. They were ably assisted by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Richard Winter and were visited by the Mayor Marcus Barr and his Deputy Catherine Glover. It is hoped this will generate some interest and potential candidates. There will be a further display at the Street Fair on Saturday 3rd June.

Duncan Sully-Dunbar presents the WM of 1966 Matt Layzell with a copy of the Pathway Guide
Members of Wellington Lodge accompanied by the APGM and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
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